Avoid Loss of Hair Due to CASPA

If you are concerned that your hair is getting thin (thin), there are some steps you can take to keep your scalp healthy and your hair thick and bulky.

Hair loss is completely natural. In fact, you lose your hair every day. You’ll probably find hair in your hairbrush, in the shower or in your clothes. Usually this is no cause for concern as your hair grows back into a similar rhythm. But when your hair breaks down more easily and you get to see more hairs on your hairbrush, it can be worrying.

The good news is that by keeping your scalp in good condition, you can keep your hair longer, and keep it bulky and thick.

Protect your scalp to keep your hair. Your scalp is the base on which your hair grows and also the base for a hair strong and healthy. Research has shown that hair that grows on an unhealthy scalp is weaker and more prone to breakage. So remember to take care of your scalp and keep it healthy for your hair to grow stronger and with more stable roots. This is where the Head & Shoulders shampoo can help.

When used regularly, it takes care of your scalp and protects against damage caused by dandruff. It also removes irritating external agents that can affect the condition of your scalp. In fact, we have formulated our Volume & Strengthening line to help keep your hair bulky and thick. It also works.

In a six-month clinical trial, men with thinning hair who used Head & Shoulders had significantly lower hair loss than those who used a placebo. In fact, nearly three-quarters of participants who used Head & Shoulders had no increase in hair loss during the six months.

Combat the source of itchy dandruff is a common source of itching. As your scalp becomes irritated by dandruff, it not only causes the skin cells to flake off, it can also trigger the scalp’s itchy scalp.

If you have itchy scalp, you also run the risk of having an increase in the fall of the hair, since too much scratching can damage the hair strands, causing them to break or fall more easily. More on the causes of dandruff this, in turn, can intensify a problem of hair loss since you scratch the head more frequently and weakens the hair.

Therefore remember to treat dandruff using an anti-dandruff shampoo such as Head & Shoulders Treatment for scalp itching every time you wash your face.

Just after three weeks of regular use, it not only removes dandruff to leave you up to 100% free of it, but has also been proven to provide relief from itching. And for instant relief from itching, try the new Head & Shoulders Immediate Relief line. By combating the source of itching, you not only keep your scalp in optimum condition, but also reduce the temptation to itch, helping to keep your hair stronger and bulky.

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