Baldness and Hair Loss – Myths and Facts

One of the biggest problems people face with baldness and / or hair loss is when they try to understand the causes, consequences and potential treatments for baldness are the preconceived myths and ideas that are encountered in a simple online research. With the immense information we have available to us on social networks and all media, it becomes difficult to understand what is factual and what is not.

They point to causes like non-shampoo variation, hat use, and increased testosterone levels. For the wise the myths are just that, but for those looking for it, often desperately, one reason for their hair loss is truly confusing.


1 – Using hat causes baldness

It does not matter what kind of hat you wear, the way you wear it and whether it’s fairer or less tight. You can use it to the sides, backwards or traditionally, forward, in no way this use is directly connected with your hair loss. In fact, the hair follicles need oxygen to grow and grow healthy, but that oxygen comes from their blood rather than from the air.

2 – Frequent washing of hair increases hair loss

Just as the shampoo does not make hair grow faster, it will not make it fall. It is almost possible to state that there is a direct relationship with a reduction of hair washing with people concerned about baldness. Somehow the frequent washes have been associated with causes of fall which is not at all true. Between these washes the hair, which falls normally according to its growth cycle, accumulates, causing an erroneous perception of loss associated with washes.

3 – Stirring in hair can lead to baldness

Running your fingers through your hair or playing with it often will not bring baldness of any kind. However, how much these acts are reflexes of stress and become compulsive can influence hair loss. Trichotillomania is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that consists of pulling the hair recurrently and without control over this gesture, which can lead to baldness.

4 – Cutting the hair makes it grow faster and healthier

Our hair grows from healthy follicles inside our skin. Shaving or not the head does not increase the number of existing follicles, much less if they are healthy or not. Just as it will not make your hair grow stronger.

5 – Fine hair is permanent

In some cases a thinning or weakening of the hair may be due to a temporary cause or to an external event that manifests itself in this way: pregnancy, menopause, stress, illness and even infections. Once the causes have passed or are somehow solvable, the most common thing is for the hair to go back to the way it has always been.


1 – Genetics is the biggest cause of hair loss.

Androgenic Alopecia is the leading cause of hair loss in both men and women. It is influenced by either family side – maternal or paternal – and comes only from genetic factors. It is estimated that that is the cause of 90% of cases of baldness.

2 – It is possible to reverse hair loss

When it comes to hormonal changes or unusual causes that have led to hair loss, the more normal is that by treating these factors, your hair will return to its usual shape and condition. However, it is very important to be aware of these causes and to determine if they can be overcome / cured.

3 – Baldness is influenced by internal factors, much more than by external issues or even the surrounding environment

Hair loss is due to internal factors such as genetic causes, nutrition, supplementation or even health. It may be related to smoking and hormonal issues. Very thin hair can still be the consequence of too much stress or anxiety. Baldness not affected by washing your hair too much, wearing hats or any other factors external to your body and body.

4 – Getting a correct diagnosis is extremely important!

Getting the advice and expert advice is the key! Only a correct diagnosis can lead you to a treatment appropriate to your case and specific needs. Each patient is different from the other, so only someone with specialist training in this area can give you a correct orientation on the best path for you. You can get it through a free consultation!

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