Health and Beauty Tips for the whole Body

Basic tips that every woman should be master, and need to learn is to stay fresh, healthy, beautiful and with a smooth skin.

1. An excellent beauty and health for the hair is to make once a month a nutritious can that contains avocado, vitamin E, and yogurt.

2. Do not use dyes or aggressive chemicals in order to achieve a straight or solid appearance. Always consult with a specialist for the changes of image and prefer the products with natural bases.

3. Use hats, hats or products with a hair blocker. Keep in mind that this area also suffers damage from the sun’s heat.

4. Wash the maximum skin twice a day, because if it does more times, the skin will produce more fat as a defense mechanism and can cause acne problems. When cleaning, it is important that you use mild and neutral soaps.

5. Protect yourself from the sun, as the most frequent cause of skin diseases is sun exposure during the first 20 years of life. Remember that only the light of day, and although it is in the shade, already means radiation on your skin.

6. The lips are very easily cracked to Costa Ricans, because our climate is very changeable and the glands that wet our mouths are not used to that. It is important to use lip balms with moisturizer and sunscreen. Do not forget the fact that cancer also occurs on the lips.

7. Hyaluronic acid can help recover collagen, make a lifting effect and diminish fine lines.

8. The neck also ages and stains, so you have to be careful. Apply sunblock in this area after applying perfume, to avoid stains.

9. The correct way is not to place the cologne or perfume directly on the skin, it is better to put the aroma on the clothes and the hair, to avoid irritations.

10. The muscle that is in our neck is loosening and for that reason we feel that the skin is more flaccid. There are creams and laser procedures that tighten the skin again.

11. In the armpits can occur infections by poor hair removal or irritation; Extreme sensitivity or allergies can also occur from using inappropriate deodorants.

12. When there is irritation, stains may occur. In the armpits it is common for the skin to be sensitive after epilation and this is aggravated by the use of products that can be abrupt, such as antiperspirants.

13. The bicarbonate and lemon do not eliminate underarm spots; on the contrary, they are irritating to the skin.

14. To choose a correct deodorant you have to select one that has a pleasant smell (it must be soft or, even better, it has no aroma) and it also has to be a moisturizer to benefit the skin.

15. Within your daily exercise routine, include movements in your arms. Lift them several times and if you can, include some weight. This is the best way to tone this part of the body.

16. The elbow will always have a different consistency, so it should always be moistened. Creams with urea help to eliminate dead cells from the superficial layer of the skin, giving it a smoother texture.

17. When people drive a car they expose their hands to sunlight, so it is important to put on sunscreen before starting the road trip.

18. Stretch marks are formed when there is a need for expansion in the skin at a time of hormonal increase. These marks can be diminished with laser and creams, to the point that is not perceptible to the human eye.

19. The regular use of carved or molded girdles, very cut, could generate malformations, skin problems and even ailments such as headaches or gastritis.

20. If you want to reduce abdominal fat is necessary aerobic work, while abdominals improve muscle tone. Doing the two exercises is the perfect combination to reduce sizes and have an abdomen of envy.

21. Apply cream from the bottom up to stimulate circulation while moisturizing your skin.

22. Lie down and place your legs up for five minutes to relieve fatigue.

23. If you suffer from varicose veins and circulation problems, it is a good idea to use special elastic stockings. This will relieve the pains and facilitate the return of blood.

24. Underwater exercise will help eliminate cellulite from the buttocks and thighs, since water makes you massage while you burn fat.

25. If you have very dry skin on your legs, use a mixture of avocado and olive oil to moisturize them.

26. Wash the floor of the shower with chlorine to avoid the proliferation of fungi that can infect your feet.

27. Avoid wearing very tight shoes that prevent ventilation, heat and friction can cause sores and fungus.

28. Calluses are a defense mechanism against common pressures, if you eliminate them, it can cause pain. It is best to apply creams with urea to soften them.

29. Avoid using nail clippers or sharp objects; instead, clean your nails to keep them in good size.

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