How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the problems that both men and women worry about. I describe the causes of hair loss and what are the most effective methods to curb your fall.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common problems in dermatology consultations; a problem that, although it does not compromise the life of the patient, it can greatly affect their quality of life. There are more than one hundred causes that can trigger that hair loss. Dermatologist expert points out that since it can be due to multiple causes, from “hormonal, alimentary, immunological, internal diseases and even to the taking of some drugs”, it is essential to know well what happens to the patient in order to select the best anti-fall treatment.

Why does our hair fall out?

“There are some causes that do not require treatment, because the hair is lost and then recovers without needing to do anything, such as, for example, seasonal hair fall that occurs in autumn or spring. And then there are other causes such as those derived from stress, from eating or from hormonal imbalances, which, if not treated, will gradually worsen throughout life. ”

Some Dermatologist, says that “another of the most common reasons for hair loss, both men and women, is androgenic alopecia,” meaning when hair loss is due to a hereditary predisposition. This pathology, according to data from the dermatologist, “affects approximately 75% of men (in some cases starting in their twenties) and almost 50% of women.”

What hair loss is considered normal?

The amount of hair we can lose per day ranges from 60 to 100, without considering it abnormal.

As for how much hair is normal to fall and how much is not, the experts, advises that if a person loses hair in the shower or when combing, for example, but then looking at the scalp it does not have areas in which it clarifies and maintains the density “should not in principle worry”. And is that, an adult has in his head more than one hundred thousand hairs in constant birth and fall in what is known as the hair cycle. As part of that cycle, the amount of hair that falls per day can be between 60 and 100, and this cannot be considered abnormal.

The problem, according to the expert, comes when “in addition to hair loss, there are areas that clear”, since it is usually a symptom that “something is happening at the root of the hair, which is the factory, and you have to put some treatment to solve it.” It would then be a medical problem and the specialist to deal with it is the dermatologist with a specialty in trichology, which is the specific science that is responsible for responding to the scalp pathologies.

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