The best benefits of Coconut Oil for hair

Coconut oil is a compound that has so many forms of use, that you will love it. For many years, it has been used by the population to moisturize and care for hair, to pamper the skin of the face and body. As its name suggests, it is born from the pressing of the white pulp of the coconut.

In this section, I’m going to tell you all the secret benefits of Coconut Oil for hair. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular and favorite oils, thanks to its great amount of benefits and properties.

Its composition is almost 90% of Fatty Acids; it makes it a unique and indispensable product in the hair routine. And its benefits will not leave you indifferent:

100% Natural and Vegetable Origin: Being totally natural, it does not contain silicones, alcohols or other chemical products that could affect the sensitivity of the hair. It is a vegetable oil, just like olive oil. The only difference is that it is composed of 90% saturated fatty acids.

Prevents lice: This is because the fatty texture of the oil makes it difficult for lice and nits to adhere to the hair.

Helps to repair damaged hair: Lauric Acid and Capric Acid, which contains Coconut Oil, help to rebuild hairs damage and increase its resistance to avoid the loss of proteins.

Anti-dandruff treatment: Among other things, Coconut Oil stands out for its moisturizing action. This way, you prevent the leather hair from drying out and calm the itching or irritation.

Protects the scalp: Coconut oil is rich in proteins, vitamins E and K that are responsible for protecting the hair and prevent it from being damaged by external agents.

Prevents frizz: That’s right, the Coconut Oil is able to stop the frizz and, therefore, the loss of moisture. This is due to its large hydrophobic property.

Stops hair loss: Coconut oil strengthens the hair fiber to prevent hair loss, as well as unwanted split ends. All this, thanks to its high content of Vitamin E.

These are all the benefits of Coconut Oil for hair. What are you waiting to see for yourself in your hair?

But keep reading because in the next point, you will discover what the use of Coconut Oil is.

Coconut oil: what is it used for?

There are many brands that are using Coconut Oil to make shampoos, creams, soaps and a host of other cosmetics. However, there are people who prefer the product in its natural state. In this way, its properties and benefits are maximized.

At this point, I’ve thought about showing you some ways to use Coconut Oil for your hair in its natural form and get the most out of it:

1. Hydrating Conditioner

If you are tired of using the same conditioners, go to Coconut Oil! This is composed of vitamins, minerals and proteins, key to the health of your roots. You can use it with both wet and dry hair.

2. Stimulate growth

As I mentioned in the previous section, Coconut Oil is a key product to repair the hair.

To notice its affects you just have to heat the oil a little, apply it to the hair and rub. Once moistened all the hair with the Coconut Oil, cover it with a cap and let it act all night. I recommend you do it 3 times a week.

3. Treatment against dandruff

To get rid of fungi, dandruff and lice, Coconut Oil is one of the best products. Combine it with a couple of drops of Tea Tree and apply it all over the scalp using circular massages. Cover the hair with a cap and let it act for 30 minutes. I advise you to perform this procedure every three days.

4.Treatment against frizz

You may not know it yet but Coconut Oil helps prevent frizz and protect the hair from UV / UVA rays. To obtain those results, I recommend you apply a couple of drops on your hands and apply it throughout the hair. The best thing is that you do not have to rinse your hair, leave it as it is.

Hair products with Coconut Oil

As I mentioned, there are many brands that incorporate Coconut Oil in their products. So I’ve decided to make you a list of hair cosmetics, which are enriched with this very natural ingredient.

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