Type 2 diabetes: Towards the end of medication?

Several studies are underway to try to cure, or at least to put into sleep, type 2 diabetes. This chronic disease affects more than 420 million patients worldwide.

It is currently impossible to cure type 2 diabetes, but some patients have managed to put it to sleep. Their secret: significant weight loss, sports almost every day and good food hygiene. Diabetes is primarily a nutritional disease. To master it, you have to revolutionize your way of life.

The track of obesity surgery

Doctors are also exploring another track: the surgery of obesity. 80% of the patients having undergone a by-pass or a gastric band woke up from the operation freed from their diabetes. They did not even lose weight at that time. Dr. Boris Hansel, a diabetologist, explains: “In the first days after surgery, we have a remission of diabetes, but there is no cure, most of these remitting patients become diabetic again.” Indeed, five years after the operation, diabetes reappeared in 80% of operated patients.

Intensive treatment with insulin injections?

More promising than surgery, researchers are looking at another path: high-dose insulin injections. Insulin helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is secreted continuously by the pancreas. But in diabetics, the production of insulin dysfunction.

A study recently showed that very high doses of insulin could eradicate the disease in almost 40% of patients. According to Dr. Boris Hansel, “If you have an early intervention in diabetes, you can imagine that by injecting insulin strongly, you will put the pancreas at rest.” It combines drugs, reduces insulin resistance we help to act …”

Deactivating diabetes, but no cure

But again, it’s impossible to talk about healing. All the tracks explored by researchers have so far failed to overcome the disease of the body. Diabetes is at best awake, ready to resurface at the slightest misbehavior.

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